MP8007 Eval board (EV8007-V-00D) set output to 5.5V


We are very interested in using MP8007 and eval board (EV8007-V-00D) is a very good reference design to start with.

EV8007-V-00D output voltage is set to 5V but we want to change the output to 5.5V. Do we need only to change the Feedback resistors to change the output voltage? Or do we need to modify the transformer to either increase or decrease the number of turns of the primary or secondary?

Hope you can advise us on this approach?

Hi robkrisjoc,

We will work with your company’s application directly off the forum after we receive your MPS Now request. Please let us know if you don’t hear back from our FAE team.

Regarding your question, I will look into this and provide an answer for the forum by this Friday.

Hi robkrisjoc,

There should be no issue with just changing the FB resistors for 5.5V output in your design. No need to mess with the transformer.

I should note that the EVB design for the MP8007 is for <13W applications, but the MP8008 that you were considering earlier is for 25W. Please also consider the MP8017 for better performance and lower system cost compared to the MP8007 design. For further questions, we’ll handle directly through your MPS Now request.

Hi Bryan,

Thank you for your response.
Do you have recommendation on the value of feed back resistors?

MP8017 looks promising, currently this is prerelease item, do MPS have internal available stocks?
Our target is to have minimum of 1Kpcs.
Also MP8017 datasheet is not accessible.
Will you able to share the datasheet and reference design of MP8017?

Hi Bryan,

Just for your information this is the account that was provided to me by the company that I represent. This is also the account that they use in MPS Now Technical Support. We have also upgrade the account to myMPS+ for the access of MP8017 datasheet.