Is there a reference design for MP8008 with no Opto, similar to MP8007?

Target output is 5V for MP8008, no Opto. Target design is PSR type transformer similar to MP8007 eval design.

Hello robkrisjoc,

I will check with our product line if we have an MP8008 reference schematic without an opto-coupler.

Hi Bryan,
Thank you for your quick response. hope we could hear from your team the soonest.

By the way, do you have an existing stocks of MP8007? we want to build around 100 to 500 prototype base on this controller.

Distributor lead time is too long. Any stocks you have will be very appreciated.

Hi robkrisjoc,

For PSR-flyback w/o opto-coupler, we have the MP8009. The MP8008 is not suitable for PSR-flyback. I am working with our PL on the best way to share the reference schematic with you. I will respond to your direct email or here on the forum with further updates.

You will have to go through our distributors for ordering ICs. If there are no parts available, you’ll have to wait until they restock. If you represent a company and believe your production needs are high enough volume, please contact MPS Now.

Hi Bryan,

Thank you for the response and recommendation.
I have take a look of MP8009 but there is no available Eval board for 5.5V @ 2.5A.
Currently we have evaluated MP8007 reference design and it looks like it fit with our requirement with minor modification on target output voltage.

I have created a new topic about it.

Hope you can assist us on this one.

I represent a company and currently they want to shift from module base POE supply to on-board design in which you product suite best.

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Please submit your company info and application details to MPS Now where our FAE team can help with more specialized technical assistance. Only use your business email address.
I’ll keep your new forum topic up and will answer it soon for other users to read, but we will work with you directly off the forum moving forward.