MP6632 OTP/Resistor settings

Hi everyone!
May I have information about “MP6632 OTP/Resistor settings”.
-in DataSheet, It’s not described.
-How setting the OTP/Resister?
-How cana I get “Evaluation board”?

If you have any information then please let me know.

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Hi Shingo,

Apologies for the delayed reply.

MP6632 can be programmed using the MPS Virtual Bench Pro 4 GUI.
Be sure to write to volatile memory first to set the values in the registers and then write to non-volatile so the register values are set permanently.

Which resistors are you referring to as “Resistor settings”?
There is a lot of information on how to select resistors in the Operation section’s tables found in the MP6632 data sheet. The typical application circuit (Figure 16) in the data sheet is also a good resource on how to set-up and select resistors.

Since MP6632 currently a new part, we don’t yet offer an evaluation board for this part. However we are constantly releasing new parts so an evaluation board may be released in the future.

I hope this was helpful.


Hi Eliza-san Thank you for your kindly reply. I understand your information.

Best Regards