Which part number is good choosing?

Inputting voltage from motor and support 1S LiFePO4 charging.
Would you please help to support good part number due to my poor on MPS?

Hi Simon, and welcome. For the boost converter you may consider the MP3424, link here.

Hi Kareem:
Thank you very much!
Do you have Charger device for choosing? Inputting voltage from 2.7V to 30V and output 3.6V/10A.

Hi Simon, I’ll move this thread over to Battery Management so they can help with the battery management request.

Hi Simon,

At this time, MPS does not have an individual device capable of handling the input specs you require. This would need to be a two-part solution in order to handle the minimum input of 2.7V. If you are interested in discussing a two-IC solution, please contact me at mpsnow@monolithicpower.com, thanks.


Thank you everybody!
I am closing it.
Thanks again!