What is Vout_margin_High/Low

Dear Support member.

I’m using MPM3695-25 with Virtual Bench PRO4.0
Please tell me about 25h register and 26h register.

Q. what is mean 25h register and 26h register.

I set “Voltage setting” is 0.72V and “Vout Scale Loop” is 0.333.
(I use external divider.)

I must set “Vout margin High” and “Vout margin Low”.
but I don’t know those registers mean.

Hi Ryota,

The Vout Margin High/Low are to check for functionality at extremes of operating tolerances. It is mainly used in reg 01h found on page 35 on the datasheet.

If an output overvoltage warning or output OV fault is detected when the output is margined high, the part ignores the condition and continues to operate without interruption depending on the operation command. The same happens for when it is margined low.

Dear Cecilia

Thank you for answer.

I’m just checking.

Is this Vout Margin High/Low works of alert function?

Best regards.

Hi Ryota,

The Vout Margin High/Low do not have an alert function but the VIN_OV_FAULT_LIMIT will trigger and alert you that there is a fault when there is an over-voltage condition.