Vout Configurability I2C/MTP Combination

Can MPQ8645P Vout be set to 1.2V as default bootup voltage and then rise to 2.5V via I2C command?

Hi Bruce,
Yes, the following capture is from pg 22 of parts datasheet, it guides on how to set the output voltage to 2.5V.

Regarding the default boot of 1.2V : Please utilize the VOUT_COMMAND. Further information about other registers are also found in page 35 of datasheet.

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Thank you this is very helpful. I needed to confirm that there is a way to raise the voltage to 2.5 in circuit with I2C while keeping the default none-volatile system reset setting of the Vout on 1.2V so that if there is a reset Vout will rise to 1.2V every time.