Using MP2348 for 12V output

Are the MP2348GTL specs guaranteed for input of 24V to output 12V?

MPS is pretty light on specs, frequently giving only a typical and no min or max or only 25C values and no over temperature values. Specifically with this part the feedback voltage is specified as 802mv with no min and no max. So you couldn’t really complain if your 12V design put out 5V or 16V the FB pin would still be “in spec” On the other hand the prices are good and the performance is good. This should work fine for 24 to 12V operation provided the 24 is decently controlled and you aren’t expecting the full 4A of output all the time at which point I expect thermal challenges might arise. If you need more specs you have to push them

Thank you for the answer. To proceed, I have one more question:
How the MP2348 will behave when the input voltage starts dropping under the output voltage, before reaching the under-voltage protection level? Our example is a battery source when fully charged is 16V, our output is 12V. We want to have whatever charge/voltage remains on the battery, down to for ex. to 5V to still have power on the output of MP2348 (no need to boost it, of course).
Looking at the data sheet, I believe it will work on 100% duty cycle, but please confirm it.
I would like to simulate the MP2348, but it seems there is no model available.
We selected MP2348 as it matches our requirement 24V/3A and its availability but if you can propose
other(s) of yours chips with similar features, which are avaliable to purchase.
Our device has 5 power rails 12V, 5V, 3.3V, and we want to use the same components for all of them. I’m thinking even to keep the L & C same for all rails and optimise them for the most loaded one (might be the 12V).

Hi I am just some guy on the internet. Crazy kind of battery that has 16V when full and any meaningful power left at 5. Probably your best bet is to obtain a demo board.

Sorry, I asked questions by guessing that a FAE would answer.
I am not sure how to reach an engineer from MPS

Actual MPS engineers do show up here from time to time. You can also register at MPS now ( or something like that) which may get you a higher level of service. Company is growing quickly and I think is a little stretched on some points.

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