Usb C source and sink power with MPQ4228-C-AEC1


I am looking for advice on this chip.

The mcu circuit needs to supply power to a cell phone when it has external power and be powered by the phone when it does not have energy.

It might be possible with usb-c. The datasheet talks about client mode with usb A.

Did I choose the correct chip?

Thank you.

Hi marcio.barbiani,

Thanks for posting on the MPSNow Forum.
This part supports USB Type-C Ports, but it looks like you can also disable Type-C mode and activate Type-A mode. Read more about how to activate this mode on page 22 of the datasheet, underneath the section "Disable Type-C Mode (Type-A Mode).


I’d like to have your help to design the desired functionality.

The part/dev board is not readily available to me, so I can not test before I ship the assembly design to manufacture.

Please reach out directly to MPSNow for design assistance here: MPS NOW Technical Support - Contact