UNregulated MP6002 or MP6001?


Can this part be used as a NON-regulated isolated converter?


We’d like to simplify and reduce parts-count, if possible. We DON’T need tight voltage-regulation.

Our requirement is:

Input: 12V to 24V
Output: 5V to 10V out, 1A

I don’t see an UNregulated circuit in the datasheet.



Hi John, although this is a DCDC device I will move this post to the ACDC forum since it is an isolated regulator and you will get good support there.

As for simplifying the design, you can make a pseudo regulated design by using the bias winding off the transformer that’s used to power the VCC rail and put a resistor divider off of it to feed into our FB node. This way you could regulate the output voltage to be half the input voltage (with a 1/2 resistor divider).

Hi John: I will support you from here for the MP6001. The Primary side Bias winding can act as a reflection of the output voltage . So the VCC tracks the Output voltage based on the turns ratio between the Bias winding and the Secondary Output winding. As Kareem has pointed out you can divide the Vcc voltage with a resistor divider and and feed the divided voltage to the FB pin such that when the VCC is 5V the FB pin is at 1.2V using a 39K and 12.1K resistor divider. Then connect the CMP pin to the FB pin. The turns ratio between the bias winding to Secondary winding should be 1:1.5. So when the VCC is at 5V the Output voltage will be at 7.5V.