Understanding Inputs to EV6540-U-00A Board

Hello, I am using this board to power a BLDC. Two quick questions:
(1) Will this board work without connecting Hall effect sensors to the Hall sensor inputs? I do not have Hall effect sensors connect to my BLDC.
(2) Do I need to send 5V to the 3P3 input for the board to work? I am unsure what 3P3 stands for.


Hello Frank,

Can you confirm if the part number is correct?

  1. The MP6540 does not have hall effect inputs.
  2. I do not see a 3p3 pin? Where are you seeing this?

Vinh Tran

Agreed that the MP6540 does not have Hall effect inputs, that’s part of my confusion.

The 3P3 is in the bottom right corner of the image. Curious our thoughts: Upon closer inspection it looks like 3P3 is connected to NSLEEP, which would mean 3P3 needs to be driven high for the board to be active.

Link to datasheet:

Hi Frank,
3P3 is a general notation or Pin nomenclature used for 3.3V. You can add a 5V potential as well as noted per the datasheet.

The CN2 header pins are for the hall sensor signals. You can also follow the “quick start guide” on page 5 for the Eval-board activation and use. Please refer Step 2 of the quick start guide, and use the SW to enable the chip.

Thank you, Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

Kind Regards,

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Hi Nouman thanks for the note, that is helpful.

From my understanding hall sensors are not required for this board to power a motor. There is simply an option to connect the board to a hall sensor. Is that correct?

Hi Frank,
That is correct, the hall sensors are not needed to power the motor. They provide the functionality of determining the the rotor position.

Can you please confirm the following -

  1. What is the application for your BLDC, do you require the rotor position reading?
  2. What is the type of BLDC your are using, do you have specs?
  3. Have you already connected the board for operation?

Kind Regards,

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