TI TPS61089RNRR replacement

Can anyone recommend p2p replacement of TI Synchronous Boost Converter TPS61089RNRR?
Thank you.

In the same boat here. Needed something that could provide 12V/2A. Not many could do that especially with the quiescent current that TPS61089 has. And even TI part now is having long lead time.

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Analog IC’s are rarely pin to pin. Even when they are pin to pin there are often subtle but consequential differences. Power IC’s are even less likely to be pin to pin. Something to meditate on as you chose your next IC vendor for your next design.

I’m not looking for pin-to-pin replacement, so I believe @Johnny.Wong too in the same situation.

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Hi Johnny,

Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum! For your cross request, I would suggest looking at our new MP3437 16V, 9.5A synchronous boost converter. While it is not pin-to-pin compatible, this will be our closest match in terms of specs. For options with a similar pinout to your part, I would suggest looking at the MP3429 or MP3431.

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