Storage verses operational temperature ranges

Will a device rated for -40C operating minimum temperature and -65C storage minimum temperature range even start up at -65C?

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Devices are tested and characterized to the min operating temperature. Starting up and operating outside those limits is possible, but not guaranteed, and may result in problems in circuit operaion or damage to the device so is not recommended.

Hi James,
Three follow up questions;
Does MPS have any active low temperature qualified component lines?
Would MPS be willing to characterize the low temperature startup for a particular part number?
Can MPS supply device construction details necessary to perform a cte analysis required to assess cold to hot integrity of the physical device?

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Low temperature characterization would be possible, but would be expensive given the time and equipment required, so there would be large minimum order quantities, non-cancellable and an NRE of unknown amount but likely quite high. These types of product activities are only for larger customers with very high volumes as the non-standard product requirements are very expensive from a production and engineering standpoint. Would the business here qualify? Otherwise MPS would suggest going to an outside ODM or such for special characterization.

Hi James,

I really like the first six words of your most recent response. The rest of the response is well understood and general knowledge for me and some around me. I am on an information gathering tour for extending the capabilities of our designs into lower temperature applications. Collins Mission Systems is a management driven engineering heavy entity and investment levels need to be weighed far above me.
Thank You again!