Step-Down synchr. converter in SOT563 package

Hi. I’m looking for the part number of the step-down converter in SOT563 with AVXK top marking.
I can’t find it here Step Down (Buck) Converters | Switching Regulators | MPS | Monolithic Power Systems
maybe because not all have datasheet available - for example MP1603

Hi wojtasjd,

Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum. From where did you acquire your IC? Please post a picture of the IC package with the top markings visible.

Thanks for reply. It’s from audio equipment.

This is not our device.

Please use our Package Information page for future top marking decoding.

I saw this top mark decoding documents but there are no rule for SOT563 there.

For example MP1476 with the same pinout


Why there are no datasheets for MP1650, MP1651, MP1652, MP1653 and some others?
Maybe it’s one of those…