Step down converter usingMP9928

I am trying to develop a buck converter that steps down 60 to 5, 3.3,12 volts for an output current of 10A.
I have calculated the value based on the equations given in the data sheet and did simulations for 5V output, unfortunately, the simulations don’t match the desired result. Below shows the simulation health report.

Simulation Health Report - 2022-10-08 7:03 PM

The Simulation Health Report was enabled via the global option setting. To disable this option, run the menu item File > Options > SIMPLIS Options…, and select the desired behavior from the General tab.
Errors or Warnings were detected during the simulation run. The Simulation Health Report has analyzed the simulator input file and has the following suggestions:
SUGGESTION: The SIMPLIS Periodic Operating Point (POP) has failed to converge after 20 passes through the core POP process.

SIMPLIS has determined that the state variables associated with these circuit reference designators are not converging in the POP analysis:
(Clear all highlighted reference designators)

What this means is that on a switching cycle to switching cycle basis, the inductor currents and capacitor voltages associated with these reference designators are not converging to a single value.

There are several reasons why SIMPLIS cannot converge on a POP solution. For example, the circuit might not be stable. Or the circuit might have two asynchronous frequencies.

For further information please consult the excellent documentation on the POP analysis.
Below are the contents of the SIMPLIS warning file.

<<<<<<<< Error Message ID: 5019 >>>>>>>>

Periodic Operating-Pt Analysis:

Unable to find a periodic operating
point after 20 attempts.  Check your
input file for errors.  A change in
the initial condition may be necessary.

The voltages of the following capacitors and the
currents of the following inductors are the leading
contributing factors to the non-convergence of the
POP analysis. Inspecting these voltages/currents
from the “POP progress output” may show the clues to
the non-convergence.

X$U1.X$U1.X$U6.CBB1301,  X$COUTX.C1,  X$COUTY.C1

Hi gokulpradeep010,

Thank you for utilizing MPS Technical Forum.

Can you please verify if you are running a steady state simulation on the 5V? We do have example circuits for MP9928 already loaded in into SIMPLIS.

Additional note, this part is not rated for output of10A. Please refer to the datasheet regarding max ratings and waveform captures for Iout.

I ran a steady state sim for the part, attaching capture of the Vout=5V and Iout = ~ 7.3A.