Solar charger small UPS

I need to charge a small 18650 battery from a solar cell, and provide continues 6 volts output 50 mAmp to a working system. This system operates a small DC motor a few times per day for about 1 minute, and draws about 0.5 Amp for60 seconds.
I wonder if MP2690 can do this, or do I need a separate charger from the solar cell, and a boost with low voltage shut off module to generate 6 Volts?

Hi johanan,

Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum. I’ll review your application specs with the MP2690 and provide feedback soon.

you need to provide details about the solar cell you plan to use. What voltage does it put out for example and how much power does it provide. 18650 is a well known thing.

We are planning to use a 6V 10W solar cell, which I found in good price an can be mounted exposed to the weather. In direct sun light it provides much more the needed. The electronics control is not designed yet, but it will be very low power probably much less the 1 mA average consumption.
From my research so far it looks that I need a charging controller and a discharge protection then a step up t regulator to 6 Volts. I did not find a way to do it with a single chip.

Hi johanan,

Can you confirm the chemistry of your 18650 battery is lithium ion or lithium polymer? Also, would the motor be connected to the device using a USB?