smallest MPS Angular Encoder device

Hi. What is the smallest MPS Angular Encoder device?

Hi Hongxin,
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The MA782 is the smallest MPS MagAlpha sensor and it is the world’s smallest absolute ICEncoder®.
It´s size is 2mm x 2mm x 0.6mm QFN-14, what makes it perfect for wearable and IoT devices
The sensor is targeting Ultra Low Power applications: HMI but also motorized and combined applications.

Does the size have an impact on the performance?

No, the SpinAxis™ structure has the same performance as all others.
The filter function is even extended for a very wide cut off frequency range (5Hz … 16kHz).
This part focuses on Ultra Low Power Applications:
fast response for the benefit of a short powered time and a much longer standby time. This duty cycle reduces the total current consumption dramatically down into x µA ranges.
MA782 supports an 8 bit to 12 bit resolution range, configurable with the filter window.

Why is there no ABZ or UVW output interface available?

In Ultra Low Power Operation the sensor sleeps and wakes up by timing or external event. This wake-and-Sleep does not serve Real-Time-Interfaces like ABZ, UVW, PWM and SSI. Such interfaces do need a continuous update to provide data.

The MA782 focuses on the embedded SPI interface and waking up + notification inputs and outputs.
Also the 14 pins and the VDDIO reduce the available pins for interfacing.

For ABZ and UVW the MA3xx family provides such signals:
e.g. the most flexibel device with the highest resolution 8 bit … 14 bit): MA330