Select ESD device for MP2491?

I would like to place an ESD device at Vin of MP2491.
According to the datasheet, the maximum input voltage is 34V.
So, I think I can get an ESD device that can clamp the positive voltage close to 34V.
But regarding the negative voltage, this limitation is not stated in the datasheet.
How to protect MP2491 from ESD negative voltage?

Thanks for help.

Maybe you go with the “all pins” rating of -0.3V. The reality is that the chip will start to conduct at -.5 or so and can probably take several amps of reverse current without damage. For fun you could take a bunch of chips and expose them to successively higher levels of reverse current to see at what VI level of reverse they fail. It is going to be a pretty high number. Datasheets are woefully unclear on this point.

If you are talking ESD there is little energy in that pulse, most chips have ESD protection integrated already and have ESD ratings.