RT9022 LDO application schematic values required


I want to use RT9022 LDO for powering a BLE module. Please help me with the below queries.

  1. What are the values of soft-start charging current (Iss) & soft-start time (tss) for this LDO
  2. I wanted to know that how to select a soft-start capacitor value for this RT9022 LDO.
  3. If i know Iss , tss values, Can I use this formula for the soft-start capacitor(Css) calculation, tss=((Vref * Css)/Iss)?
  4. Is there any software provided by MPS to simulate this RT9022 LDO IC.
  5. If possible could you share with me the part values to be used for the application schematic provided in the RT9022 datasheet?

Hello Rocky,
The RT9022 is manufactured by another vendor so MPS cannot help you on that part. If you have a part that is made by MPS we will gladly help out.

Thank you for the reply JAMES.

I’m sorry I’ve posted in the wrong Website