Ratiometric startup


Would you please let me know MPS buck converter part number
which has ability for ratiometric startup with master output?
Buck controller is also acceptable.

Vout=2.5V , 3.5A
ratiometric operation( SS/Track pin )

for your reference:TPS54361-Q1

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Hello, MP9457 may be a good start to look at. It has external SS feature to set ramp time of VOUT. Check below link:

For this type of datasheet request, please fill out the MPS NOW Technical Support form. A member from the MPS NOW team will contact you within 24–36 hours about this request.

Link to MPS NOW Technical Support form: https://www.monolithicpower.com/contact/mps-now-technical-support.html

Dear Christian-san

Thank you for your reply.
Would you please send me MP9457 data sheet?
I could not find it in MPS homepage.

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