Quote# QC04BE7 - EVQ4210-U-00B - Current control (parallel and single connection)

can you please advise on one of our customer’s questions regarding the current control of the Eval Board EVQ4210-U-00B ?
He told us: "we can connect the boards in parallel connection. But can the evaluation board be controlled by current control mode ok?
If we do as a single, can the board be controlled by current control mode rather than using voltage control mode?

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Hi David,
This can work for the constant current mode to get higher current but when it approaches max voltage such as a lead acid top off, the two converters will not match Vout exactly. The imbalance makes one stop while the other stays in constant current mode. That will make the battery voltage fluctuate slightly up and down as the one converter goes in and out of CC mode.

so, we cant connect the boards in parallel, if we do there will be the imbalance.
Are there any converters which can be connected in parallel and controlled by Microcontroller

Hi Kranthi,
Let me take a look at this for you and see what we can suggest.

Hi Kranthi,
There could be a way to keep out of that mode with adding a hysteresis, but we would have to do some research into how to implement it. Can you please remind me of your requirements for voltage and currents for the controller?

input voltage: 10 to 30V
output voltage: 8 to 20V
current: <10A
The virtual bench or MPQ4210 GUI was not detecting the board.
Morever my professor I2C driver kit EXCAMERA. Can we operate this with the board, by giving its address to the I2C kit.

Hi Kranthi,
Currently, we have MP4245 which can go up to 6A with I2C but what is the nominal output current you expect to see? The address for the MPQ4210 evaluation board is set by the ADDR pin, so you may set it based on the following table:
What is the error prompt on the GUI?

The error prompt is when connected with MPS I2C , No EVB found check the connection.
I connected board with another i2c kit the board reads 66 address, then dnt know how to get the output of the Evaluation board

Hi Kranthi,
Is the other I2C kit also from MPS? To read the output from the GUI, the register list that shows what are readable/writeable are here:

From this table, it shows that only the Vref is readable, which then would have to be translated with the resistive divider on the FB pin to get the Vout.

No I m using another I2C driver kit. I used your I2C kit but board was not detecting by virtual bench or mpq4210. When I asked your colleague he said he didn’t not even found the board in the software. When I tried to use with another I2C kit the kit reads the slave address 66 but then no idea how to configure further.

Hi Kranthi,
Let’s continue the conversation on email at mpsnow@monolithicpower.com since I see you have sent a message there.