Quiescent current of MPM4710

How is the quiescent current of the MPM4710 specified? The datasheet shows 25 uA, but the conditions are unclear. What does test VOUT mean? What does test VIN where 3.3 uA is specified mean? When you do this test are you including the 4.6 uA leakage current that you’d get through the 720 kOhm worth of resistors on VOUT?

Hi Jason,

The 25uA is measured from Vout and 3.3uA is measured from Vin. This was tested with Vin at 2.5V and Vout at 3.3V. For boost, some of the internal circuit is powered by Vin during startup. After startup, because Vin is low, most of the internal circuit should be powered by Vout.
No, it does not include those external resistors. It is what is being drawn by the IC to power some of the internal circuitry.

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