Questions related to MP4833A usage


A project I’m involved in requires us to digitalize as fast as possible between 157 to 205 analog signals (voltage range is 100mV to 3.3V maximum)
Our plan is to use a MCU with several channels and feed every channel with the ad hoc signal using analog switches and/or multiplexers

Using cascaded analog switches such as MP4833A (or its 64 channels brother-chip) could reduce the number of chips

Then I do have a couple of question:

  1. can these switches can let ‘pass’ low analog voltages (100mV) with no impact/distortions
  2. say we are using a 16-channels ADC, to digitalize the first batch, we will first ‘push’ 16x’1’. To digitalize the second batch, od we have to reset de shift-register and then ‘push’ 16x’1’ followed by 16x’0’ or can we just shift the 16 ‘1’ allready in the shift register by ‘pushing’ 16x’0’ ?
    and so on for the other batches …

Thank you


Hello Vincent,

  1. The low analog voltages may be distrted if they are too small. Please see the following image:
  2. I will get back to you regarding this shifting.

Vinh Tran