Question about MP6570 application

according the MP6570 datasheet P12,it’s SPI Port2 can connect MA3xx/7xx family.I want know that don’t need set register at MA730?according the MA730 datasheet,a lot of register need set.

Hi 117225113,
the MA3xx/7xx sensors provide a 16 bit angle information, MSB first, over SPI.
There are not that much registers to be set when using SPI. Setting the ZERO angle Z(15:0) and RD(0) could be important if You need to adjust this, depending on details of Your use of components and modules and assembly. The sensor is fully factory calibrated and directly usable.
The setup of sensor and magnet may require more parameters when OFF AXIS = side shaft setup is in use. Then the parameters BCT(7:0), ETX(0), ETY(0) might be required.
All ABZ replated parameters are not required for SPI access.

Can You please provide more details on Your setup for detailed recommendation?

To use an MA3xx/7xx as an external sensor of MP6570, just connect the sensor 3-wire SPI to MP6570 SPI2 port. The angle data is 360 deg and the MSB (most significant bit) of the angle value/data is first and a 16 bit word is read with MOSI =0x00 (constant, MOSI pin of MA3xx/7xx is connected to logic 0 = GND).

  • The Z position can be adjusted inside MP6570 by register 36h, Set parameter ZERO_OFFSET to 1 to enable this function, and the parameter ZERO is the real offset to the MA3xx/7xx angle data.
  • The MP6570 parameter THETA_DIR performs with the same function as the RD parameter in MA3xx/7xx sensor.
  • The MA3xx/7xx cannot be programmed by MP6570 SPI2 as there is no MOSI connected to carry register access data. When use it for side shaft setup, the MP6570 register 35h ETX, ETY and BCT can be set, they have the same functionality with such register settings in MA3xx/7xx.