Pull-up related for MPM82504

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I am writing because I have questions about the MPM82504 product when using the MTP program.

Looking at the datasheet, it says that the TAKE pin should be pulled up to 3.3V.
For the 4-channel basic design, the datasheet says to pull up the TAKE pin through each VCC pin of the built-in LDO.

However it is said that the voltage of the built-in LDO goes up to 6V when the MTP program is running.

  1. Will there be no problem if a voltage of 6V is momentarily applied to the TAKE pin and PASS?
  2. Or is it safe to apply a separate external 3.3V power source?

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It is ok for the take PIN to be tied to the parts VCC pin. It can withstand the brief voltage transients caused by programming up to 6V.

Vinh Tran

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