Precise Low power High Voltage Converter


I need to develop a power supply for instrumentation purpose with following characteristics:

Input Voltage: 70 - 270 VAC
Output Voltage: 150 VDC
Output Current: 5 mA DC Max.
Regulation: < 0.1%
Efficiency: Doesn’t matter
Isolation from input to output is required.

Please help with suggestion with topology and reference design

Hello circuitkingshivam,

You can use our ACDC selection tool to help you find a device for your needs. AC-DC | MPS | Monolithic Power Systems. Please fill out the requirements that you need as best as possible.

Vinh Tran

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Hi circuitkingshivam.

What you’ve asked for is typically called a flyback converter.
If you’re not experienced in designing such a east I would suggest you consult someone who has.
The voltage you have asked for (150V DC) means you are after a custom transformer, which is rather specialized.
Also consider 85VAC to 265VAC as the input range which will open a larger range of controllers
You might also want to consider a nixi-tube power supply (especially if its a 1 off)


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Hi circuitkingshivam,

Here is our ACDC flyback product family with secondary side regulation, Flyback Controller | Secondary Side Regulation | MPS | Monolithic Power Systems .
You can choose a solution based on your specific requirements. But please note that the minimum input for these devices would be starting at 85Vac.

The datasheets would generally have a typical application circuit which you can use for reference and also check out the design guidelines mentioned.

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Thank you for your kind support

Thank you for your support

Thanks for your kind suggestions