PQ4570 PG current carrying capacity

Hello MPS community,
Concerning the PQ4570 PG, the Power Good Open Drain pin and here the current capability.
Is it possible to drain 100mA with a residual voltage of 100mV on this pin?
Thank you for your attention

Hello joachim.willkens,

I am a little confused about your question, could you clarify it? Are you trying to use PG as a current source? Or are you asking about much current can the PG pin handle?

Vinh Tran

Thank you for your response Vinh Tran,
I’m asking about how much current the PG pin can handle. My impression is that there is an open drain FET. I want to handle some other PSU units depending on the PG release. with intention to minimize allocated HW, some 10mA should be handelt by the power good FET.

Hello joachim.wilkens,

100mA will be too much for the device. At the most, 10mA.

Vinh Tran