Power supply HR1211 with input DC voltage

I need a power supply with a universal input: 90-276VAC and 130-390VDC. HR1211 will be able to work like that? Thanks.
EVB HR1211 does not start from DC voltage.

The chip has automatic AC fail detection so no, it isn’t suitable for DC voltages. (but you knew that, “EVB HR1211 does not start from DC voltage.”)

You will probably be best to look at a non-PFC solution if you want both AC and DC operation.

Hello. I use HR1211 only as LLC. VCC is from an external power supply 15V. HV is connected to +400V.
CSP to GND. FBP to +400V through a divider. ACIN to + 400V through a divider. PFC is disabled in the GUI. Problem - the chip does not start. The VCC has a sawtooth voltage from 21V to 15V. Voltage does not appear at VREG. What is missing? Maybe connect ACIN to the VAC? What other settings to make in the GUI?