Power module with Adjustable output (1.2V to 15V)

Any Power module with built-in inductor for input (4V to 36V) with adjustable output (12.V to 15V) and output current of

  1. 0.5 mA
  2. 1 mA

Hello. Thanks for reaching out to MPS.

In terms of your input voltage, could you confirm if you mean you require support for an output of 12V to 15V when input drops from 36V to 4V?

If not, could you give min/max input voltage you expect in your system?


Dear Chrisitan
Thanks for your reply…
My input is 24V (device should support 4V to 36V) and output should be adjustable from 1.2V to 15V.

Current design output is 5V, there are few design where the same device is used for 3.3V

Does Murata has a power module meeting this requirement…

I am looking for an alternate for LMZM23600SILT & LMZM23601SILT

We have a growing selection of module converters with integrated inductors to choose from. However, we not currently have a module with adjustable output. For your application, I would first recommend the MPM3506A if you are able to use converter with a fixed output.