PFC operation mode

In the following link:
Power Factor Correction (PFC) Explained | Article | MPS (
The author discusse about advantages and disadvantages of CM, CrM and DCM operation. At the end of this article he says:
“First, detect whether the origin of your low power factor is due to displacement or distortion. Then, depending on the amount of power in the circuit, select active or passive PFC. For active PFC, the designer will need to choose between implementing the converter in continuous or boundary conduction mode, which is a tradeoff between efficiency and power factor quality.
Whatever solution you decide to implement, MPS has a wide range of PFC controllers available, and our engineers are also ready to assist you with any questions you may have.”
My question is what are the MPS controllers able to work on Continuous Mode (CM)? The controllers shown in the MPS web are: MPS44010/11/14/14A/18A/19 and all of them are CrM and/or DCM.

Hi Ramon,

The solution depends on what you are looking for and what power you are looking to supply.
For the 250W-1kW range, we have CCM controllers like the HR1211 series which is a digital PFC and LLC controller.

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