Part numbering nomenclature

We are in the components selection stage for one of our products. The part MPQ4572GQB appears to be suitable for usage in our product. When I checked the aforementioned part’s stock status, I noticed the following part numbers, which all appear to be from the same family. Could you possibly provide nomenclature information for the following part numbers?

  • MPQ4572GQB
  • MPQ4572GQB-P
  • MPQ4572GQB-AEC1-P
  • MPQ4572GQBE-AEC1-P
  • MPQ4572GQB-Z
  • MPQ4572GQBE-AEC1-Z
  • MPQ4572GQB-AEC1-Z
  • MPQ4572GQBE-AEC1
  • MPQ4572GQB-AEC1


Hello m.jabirali,

Please check out the Package Information of our site for more information for your part.

Thank you,
Vinh Tran
Field Applications Engineer