Paralleling MPQ4272 ports FOR 5AMP AT 20V USB C


We need to get full 5 mp capability on the VBUS at 20 V for our USB C PD modules.

Is there 1 chip buck or buckboost you can suggest? In our case, I2C buck is good enough.

The other solution to put 2 ports of MPQ4272 in parallel is a possible approach. Is it possible?

An interesting Application circuit to note here is the fact that in Fig 5 of the PPS solution in the App Note on PPS, the output of MPQ4272 with 3 amp capability connects directly to VBUS on the USB C Receptacle. This is what we also find to be of immense value contrary to common belief that a simple " load switch" is mandatory for USB C Compliance. In our analysis, nothing could be farther from truth: no such "passive load switch " is mandatory nor implied anywhere; furthermore, it has well known Failure Modes and thus not robust. But an “active load switch” in the form of an MPQ4272 controlled by MPQ5031 is the perfectly logical and robust solution.

Any comments on this will highly appreciated.

-robin gangopadhya

Ganmar Technologies

Hi Robin,

MPQ4272 does have the option to do shared 6A. FYI this is an AEC qualified part.
For buck-boost converters, feel free to take a look at MP4247 and MP4245 for potential options. We also have controllers like MP5031, that can be paired with those converters.

Best Regards,