Output voltage configuration of MPQ2967

Let’s say i need a output voltage range from 0.825V to 0.875V.
So, I am configuring using the PWMVID pin and setting the VBOOT=0.825V, VMIN=0.825V and VMAX=0.875V using the MTP registers.
What is VID_A detected mean here? Is it VMIN to VMAX?
How to relate the formula of steady output voltage (equation 1 of datasheet) with the above statement and VBOOT, VMIN, VMAX value.
Could you please explain briefly about the output voltage configuration and also how can it be done by PMBUS VID setting.


Apologies for the delayed response.
If PWMVID is middle state, Vout regulates to Vboot. (Vvid gets set to Vboot)
If PWMVID is high/low/switching, I believe it regulates to the target voltage specified. Depending on the duty cycle, Vvid will get clamped to Vin, Vmax, or a value based on D.
Equation 2, 3, 4 can be used to calculate steady state output voltage in equation 1. Hope this makes sense.

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