NVDC and Power Path

What is difference between NVDC and Power Path? How does each work?

Power Path is actually commonly referred to as NVDC Power Path and is the ability of the charger to provide power both to the system and while charging a low battery. This function is typically used in phones or tablets where the user would like to use the device immediately after plugging in while the battery is still depleted. It is also an added benefit that this feature enables the charger IC to physically disconnect the battery from other internal ICs to reduce battery drain. This is commonly known as shipping mode/factory mode.

Here is a labeled schematic for further reference:

Hello, NVDC is what actually we want for our product. We have selected MP2617B and MP2624A for testing, We have a question, what will happen if we connect the input of Battery managment IC directly to the USB port of Laptop or Adapter which can only provide 500mA. Will it burn the USB port or USB adapter, because when battery will be dead, Load may draw current between 1.5A-2.0A.

Would be helpful if you can answer to this question, How the IC will sense how much current it should draw so that it will not exceed the limit of input source. Or please tell us if we can prevent it with the help of some circuit. (MP2617B have some resistor setup to limit the current to 500mA ,800mA and adjustable but its not convenient to change resistors each time when connect to different input source.)

You can suggest some other ICs if they have this feature.

Waiting for your response.

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I see that Kareem is answering your questions in another forum topic you created:

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