Non Ideal Transformers Simulation

I wonder if it’s possible to simulate a non ideal tranformer .I saw that’s possible to add a xfmr with saturation and different cores by using SIMETRIX but I couldn’t find anything similar using SIMPLIS
I’ve realized that most of the examples are based on SIMPLIS .So it would be nice to simulate a more realistic environment.

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SIMPLIS is based on piecewise linear (PWL) modeling that approximates non-linear device characteristics using a series of piecewise linear straight-line segments. A magnetic (inductor or transformer) is a highly non-linear device due to its B-H curve characteristics especially during saturation. So PWL model will not generate an accurate representation of characteristics during saturation. So SIMPLIS is not what I would recommend for accurate magnetics simulation. SPICE is a better simulation engine for this. However PWL modelling is great for control loop simulation and doing transient response and Bode plots.