Nomenclature of Buck converters


I would like to know the difference between MPQ4423H (not automotive) and MP4423H.
are there any document that clarifies MPS nomenclature?

Thank you
I was just curious

Hi massimo,

As you already noted, the “Q” represents our automotive parts. More specifically, the “Q” denotes the MPS devices which are industrial grade AEC-Q100 qualified. Non “Q” devices are the normal consumer grade versions.

We currently do not have a document that explains the nomenclature, but the differences (i.e. non “Q” vs. “Q” parts) are commonly detailed on the website product pages and datasheets. For further information on our part/package numbering please see our Package Information page.

Thank you. I see that MPQ4423H have an AEC-Q100 and not AEC-Q100 version. I thought only the MPQ4423H-AEC1 was Automotive. My bad. Thank you for your time.