No tools for MPQ7920

Hi, 2 things :

  1. I use virtual bench pro… with license = secret key = 0000…0000.
    When I connect to eval board EVQ7920-R-00A through usb/I2C interface ref EVKT-USBI2C-02, the MPQ7920 chip is not recognized by the auto-scan. Then I try to connect manually but once again MPQ7920 is not listed in the available chips to connect !!! The only way to work with MPQ7920 is to launch the MP5416 GUI and use the Debug Tool I2C to discuss with the chip…
  2. Furthermore, when I try to program the MPQ7920 through this debug tool, I send the password in register 0x26 : 0x05 followed by 0x19 (in a previous post Cindy gave me the password ‘mps0519’) but it does not work !! When I set the bit ENTER_MTP_MODE (i.e. send 0x80 in register 0x25), nothing happen ??? I am blockedn I can not program the chip MPQ7920 !!! Please support me in this task …

Hello Pierre,

I see that you have been contacting our engineers on different posts about this device. Has your issue been fixed or do you still see this issue?