My charger does not charge the battery

Hello. I have a Li-Ion battery charger on my board. But when I plug the 5V input to the charger, the battery is not charged. What can be the problem?

Hi Florian,
which charger IC you are using?
What is the voltage on the battery terminal? Make sure the battery is not fully charged, so there’s headroom to put charge ot the battery at all. e.g. Vin of MP2615 needs to be 300mV above the battery voltage.

Hello Samuel.
Thanks for your help. I am using the MP26029GTF in small SOT563 package. This one is quite small and just perfect.

I am planning to charge at 300mA.
For this test, my system (a LORA sensor) is completely off. So the system should not source all the current out of the charger.
I am using a standard USB charger so it should be able to work at this current.
My battery is charged at 4V so it should work also., based on the “Input vs. battery voltage headroom threshold” at 125mV

One important note : right now I am evaluating a prototype and my battery may not be well connected. I am using a multimeter to see the current flowing into the battery. But I see no current at all.
One other note : I see that the STAT pin is blinking.