Multiphase current controller up to 250Amp


I need to develop a current pulse generator with the following characteristics (buck converter):

  • output peak current regulated with steps of 0.5Amps.

  • output voltage range between 6 to 12 Volts (depending on the load)

  • Input voltage = 24V nominal

  • Minimum pulse width = 5 msec

  • Max pulse width = 300 msec

  • Duty cycle = 1-10%

I’m thinking of using a Multiphase current controller with a current limit adjustment referenced to GND, to be able to change the value via an MCU (PWM, DAC, or programmable potentiometer).

Any comments or suggestions?
Is there any reference design to take as a reference?

Thank you for answers!

Hello Alessandro,

All of our available reference designs are listed on our website here.

For more information on our multiphase controllers, you can look here.

We also have these new modules that can help solve high current solutions, and are easier to use than multiphase controllers!

These are all the parts we currently have that might meet your project specs!

Jonathan Hidalgo