MPSmart Model for MPQ4590-Z

Hi, I am attempting to implement a 60-450VDC input 12VDC output, with 300mA at 400V. I have identified the MPQ4590 as a good high voltage regulator, and want to simulate the circuit performance. Is there a MPSmart model that I could use? the DC/DC MPS designer does not have the MPQ4590 as an option

Hi trevorhoffman,

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Unfortunately we do not have a MPSmart model or DCDC designer for this device.

We have an evaluation board EVQ4590-S-00A if you would like to check it out. We also have a design example in page 17 of the datasheet for similar specifications as your requirement, Vin- 120V to 600V, Vout- 12V and Iout- 300mA.