MPSmart Model for MPQ4590-Z

Hi, I am attempting to implement a 60-450VDC input 12VDC output, with 300mA at 400V. I have identified the MPQ4590 as a good high voltage regulator, and want to simulate the circuit performance. Is there a MPSmart model that I could use? the DC/DC MPS designer does not have the MPQ4590 as an option

Hi trevorhoffman,

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Unfortunately we do not have a MPSmart model or DCDC designer for this device.

We have an evaluation board EVQ4590-S-00A if you would like to check it out. We also have a design example in page 17 of the datasheet for similar specifications as your requirement, Vin- 120V to 600V, Vout- 12V and Iout- 300mA.

Awesome! I have already ordered the evaluation board, but I am trying to figure out how to adapt that existing circuit on page 17 in order to be able to start switching at 60V, and the max input voltage can be lowered to 450V but it does not have to be.