MPS782 SPI Interfacing


We need to do speed control of BLDC motor with position encoder. We purchased MA782 parts.
While trying to program it we have some queries,
MA782 data sheet does not mention about default SPI mode.
To perform serial communication, SPI could be configured in many ways like CKP = 1; CKE = 1;
Baud rate …, etc
But no such bits are available in data sheet.

Could you please help me out by providing default SPI configuration. Or else could you refer some programming example for clarification.


Hello senthilmurugan,

Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum. I’m looking into your question and will post an answer/follow-up in 4-5 days. Thank you!

Hi senthilmurugan,

Default settings are detailed throughout the datasheet. For CKP and CKE, you can run Mode 0 or Mode 3 (CPOL=0, CPHA=0 or CPOL=1, CPHA=1). Speed / baud rate does not matter as long as the clock is less than 25 Mhz.