MPQ8875A-AEC1 Design


I am using This part: MPQ8875A-AEC1 on my design, Please clarify me below queries,

  1. With I2C, we will set only output voltage & input voltage range, not output current, right?.

  2. Is it one time setting for output & Input voltages with I2C, or need to set Voltages every time with I2C interface?.

  3. please share the circuit for VIN=2.8 to 36V, Vout=5V @5A.

Hi tatarao.kuramdasu,

Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum. Please see my answers below:

  1. Yes, you can use I2C to select the input and output voltage ranges for the IC. The output current is dependent on your load. The following is a list of current-related protection features accessible through I2C
  2. The 3 OTP pages (Pg. 40) can be used to set your desired default start-up values and settings. You will only need to program your settings to the device’s memory once.
  3. Please follow the guidelines in the datasheet to create your schematic. If you represent a company designing an end-product, please submit a request form to MPS Now for further assistance.