MPQ8645 Queries

Hi Team,

We are using MPQ8645 in our design to support 0.85 vout @20A load current.Below are my queries.

  1. How set default voltage of 0.85 on power on
  2. What is Cff value we need to put in design
  3. How to calculate the feedback resistor values to set 0.85V default.


Hi ashok.baddi,

Thanks for posting on the MPSNow Forum.
You can set the output voltage using the internal or external voltage divider.
Refer to page 21 and 22 of the datasheet for details on setting the output voltage.
The feedback capacitor value is adjusted to improve stability of your system. I’d recommend keeping the default value and adjust as needed.
The resistor values are selected using the equations provided on page 22 of the datasheet. Please follow the steps mentioned on that page and you should be bale to determine the resistor divider values.