MPQ8633B Abs. Max Power Dissipation

We are using MPQ8633B to generate 3.3V on our board. The specs are as follows:
Vin = 12V
Vout = 3.3V
Iout = 13.5A
Output inductor DCR = 2.53 mOhm

From our calculations, it seems around 2.5W will get dissipated across the converter and around 0.5W across the inductor.

Kindly confirm the following:

  • Is the calculation correct?
  • If yes, then can the package handle 2.5W of power across it (as the max. power dissipation is not mentioned in the datasheet)?

Awaiting an early response for the same.


Apologies for the delayed response.
Yes, the device can operate with those specs.

Best Regards,