MPQ7920 MTP password and config info

Hi Cindy,
I have 3 questions for you :

  1. We are waiting for some samples of MTP7920GRM-0000 (that are MTP) from our supplier…
    So please could you send me the default MTP password for this chip MTP7920GRM-0000 ??
  2. Once good configured for our processor, we will have to send you the values of all parameters so that you can program the chips we order… How to send you these parameters (excel file / other specific form / other…) ? Who & how will create the specific for us MTP_configuration_code MPQ7920GRM-XXXX ???
  3. Another way to proceed, could be to identify if you already have a MTP_Configuration_code corresponding to our need !? You may have existing config for processor MCIMX6G2CVM05AB (from NXP) ?? If you do, please send me this config reference ?
    Thanks in advance & kind regards

Hi p.stassain,

I’ve provided the MTP password in your previous forum post.
As for the rest of your questions, please contact MPSNow Technical support here.