MPQ5069GQV-AEC1-Z Footprint


I downloaded the footprint for the MPQ5069GQV-AEC1-Z from the product page on the Monolithic site. I noticed that there are undersized paste shapes on the enable (A on the attached file) and VIN (B and C on the attached file) pins. Could you clarify why that was done? I see no mentioned of it in the datasheet.

Thank you

Hello Connor,
I’m having trouble opening the layout files with my tools, can you let me know which verison (tool) you’re using? It would be strange to have paste much different from pads.

Hi James, I’m using OrCAD v17.4.

Hi Connor,
I did get a look at the layout in Eagle and see the EN and top Vin paste need changes. I don’t really see an issue with the other “C” positions you’ve noted, they appear to placed OK and sized correctly, can you be more specific about those areas?

Hi James, if you look closely, the areas marked with “C” are tiny squares which are on the pastemask top layer and are undersized with respect to the etch shape. If the recommendation is to have the paste match the etch, I can manually fix the footprint.

Hello Connor,
Discussed with the package engineer and the intention is to have the paste match the etch, so please go with that as the layout file won’t be updated very soon.