MPQ5069 reverse polarity

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am planning to use this IC as a power switch in out new product. Since the product will be wired in a vehicle, I’d like to have a protection against reverse polarity power.
The current to be switched is max 8-10A. We will have approximately 100 pieces on a PCB, therefore I’d like to avoid a serial high current Schottky in the Vin line, because it results too much power waste. What happens, if I use a small serial Schottky diode in the GND pin? Does it give protection against reverse connected Vin? Does it work so? Does the voltage drop on the diode result some bad results in SS, Iset, Imon, Iset, FB or the logic levels on the EN, PG or FLTB pins?

Hello, if main concern indicated here is in regard to reverse polarity protection, we have a device that would provide same intention as Schottky diode but with better performance. See small block diagram below: image

For this type of datasheet request, please fill out the MPS NOW Technical Support form. A member from the MPS NOW team will contact you within 24–36 hours about this request.

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Thank You Christian, I just filled the form out.
By the way, I couldn’t find MPQ5850 anywhere. There’s no distributor who keeps it in stock.
Is this device available at all? How can I design-in something wich is not purchasebar?
Is this MPQ5850 a so called “ideal diode?”

My original question is still open: does a small signal diode in the GND line result a reverse polarity protection?

Hello, let’s discuss more via MPSNow. MPQ5850 is a sampling part so we’d like to understand a bit more about your system before sharing any further info and more importantly, so we can assist in your design efforts.

Hallo Christian,
Please give me a bit more advice for MPSNow.
Is it a live chat? Can we share our screens with each other? Is it public, like this forum, or a private conversation?
I’m in Zürich, Switzerland, Europe, and I don’t know in which time zone are You.
When and how can I discuss with You?