MPQ5069 EN pin voltage rating

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I encountered a situation during design and you experts may know the deeper level of details to answer my question. The datasheet of MPQ5069 specified that the EN pin’s maximum voltage is 6.5V. But I wonder if I put a large resister in series with the pin, can I connect a 28-36V supply to enable the part? The large resistor is to limit the current to protect the Zener diode. I noticed that in the block diagram there is a Zener diode clamping the voltage internally. What is the specifics of that Zener? Thanks!


Hi Runyu,

Apologies for the delayed response.
Note: recommended input operating range is 6-28V for this device.
If using external supply, EN can be pulled up with resistor as long as EN input current is less than 150uA. The EN zener clamping voltage is around 6V.

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Thank you Yu! This is very helpful!