MPQ4569GQ question

Good morning to all
I have a question about MPQ4569GQ.
I use this converter with Vin 65V and Vout 10V@ 100mA. Schematic and value of components is same as demo board. I have two problems… I have a couple of problems that I can’t explain. The first is that the chip heats up a lot … it even reaches 100 degrees even without an output load. It’s normal? I do not believe. The other problem is the ripple which is very high to me about 2V even by inserting high-capacity electrolytic capacitors at the output.
Any suggestions?
Many thanks

Hi r.amadesi,

Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum! It sounds like your application will need an in-depth schematic/layout review. I suggest submitting a request to MPS Now where you can share your project files with our FAE team to better assist you.