MPQ4462DQ-AEC1 inductor and feedback network choice - conflicting recommendations

The datasheet for this device gives a recommended inductance of 15 - 22µH for a 5V output of this , but when calculated using the formula on page 12 of this datasheet, the value ranges between 1.63 and 3.75 µH, when operated with a power supply voltage of up the 36V.

The simulator (MPSApps3.14) recommends a value of 4.7µH. Why does the datasheet recommend such a large value? (Approximately 3x larger).

Also conflicting are recommendations about the feedback network. All of the examples in the datasheet show R2 at 40.2kΩ. The simulator consistently puts R2 at 3.7kΩ which, although satisfying the datasheet criteria of R2 ≤40kΩ, is again a significant deviation (10x). The datasheet does not explain the impact of changes to the value of R2.

Could you please help me make appropriate selections. Many thanks.