MPQ4262 - Datasheet and simulation file with reference design

I am trying to design Buck-Boost converter using MPQ4262-AEC1 for USB application.
I am unable to find any datasheet of details about this IC. Can any one help me with the reference documents or design of MPQ4262-AEC1 ?
I am new here, so please consider the post.
Thanks in advance !

Hi samanta.tamal

Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum! The MPQ4262 and its datasheet are not yet fully released for public/consumer distribution. If you would like to discuss this further, please message me directly (click on my avatar -> “Message”) or contact MPS Now with your request.

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for your reply. I would like to discuss this more with you regarding the details of datasheet and spice model.

Hi samanta.tamal,

Happy to help! Send your questions/concerns to either of the options I mentioned above, preferably MPS Now, and we’ll go from there.